Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Old Story I Wrote

Good morning all,

It has been quite an interesting day today. After I put my daughter to sleep for her morning nap, I decided to follow up on some blogs I have been following.

There is a very talented artist by the name Eric Orchard. He illustrates comics and has a very refreshing style that is similar to James and the Giant Peach and Coraline. It is very inspirational for an artist like myself, but I have not been able to pick up art again since I was pregnant with my little girl.

While looking at some of his artwork a thought dawned on me. I wrote a short fiction story back in 2007 named Chamollia that I had been meaning to illustrate someday. With hardly any style of my own and little to no time to work on it I decided it may be a good idea to see if he wanted to read it.

So I emailed him about it and am waiting for a reply now. I proof read my style again and edited it, although I am sure it is still very rough. The idea for the story came from a dream I had before my husband and I got married. Reading it again reminded me how much I love writing short stories and using my imagination. After hearing back from Eric Orchard, I will most likely post it up for all of you to read! I was also considering making some amigurumi of the characters from it. I am really excited about it!

Thanks for reading today.

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  1. I cant encourage you enough to follow that dream - even if it isnt published, the best sense of accomplishment is when it is done. My daughter writes and has a few of her poems published... I constantly encourage her to continue. Dont let it go - I know time is a factor, but try try try! I would love to see it.


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