Monday, June 7, 2010

Prototype of Amigurumi Jiji

Amigurumi Jiji
I want to eventually sell anime amigurumi and this is my first project I started working on. It's Jiji from Hayao Miyazaki's 'Kiki's Delivery Service'. He sits about 5 1/2" tall.

Since he is the first I made, I plan on making a few alterations to him. I am going to shape his eyes a little differently, make his nose smaller and also crochet the ears differently. For his ears, I sewed two crochet pieces together and they were too stiff to really mold like the original character's. 

I also plan on sewing the felt pieces on instead of using felt glue for better washability.
More Pictures of Jiji


  1. Very cute! I can't wait to see the final one. Maybe you can crochet his ears in the round? Maybe it would make them easier to fold? I have also seen techniques where people just do one layer of whatever (let's say an ear) and then they actually crochet on top of that. That idea might work for your ear!

  2. Thank you Liz! Those are great ideas! I am going to try both of them. His ears need to be wider at the bottom so I think those will help with it. You are so helpful, thank you. I hope your projects are going well.

  3. Guess what? I am also trying to crochet a cat's ears. Except I am trying to sculpt it all on to the head. I have no idea how? Do you? Though I do not know who is Jiji but i already fell in love with her. Such an awesome work. May be we can share ideas of our cats! cheers! Hope to see your altered Jiji.

  4. When I started making bunnies for Easter I did not want to use felt so I crocheted the inner Ear first and crocheted a back side to the ear and then crocheted them together. It provided a more stable ear and allowed me to avoid felt which I was afraid would end up coming off with the play they would be getting. I am excited to see someone working with Anime characters. I have several family members who are huge fans, but no talent for design. I have found video game characters, but not many Anime.

  5. @Bailey Thanks for the advice! I agree that crochet two pieces together is much sturdier. I recently tried it and wrote a free pattern for others under my free patterns.

    And yes, you are right about not a lot of anime characters being crocheted. The two people that standout in my mind that do make them are AmiAmour at and Deadcraft at

    What kinda anime characters does your family like? Characters from Miyazaki perhaps? I am curious now hehe! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments!


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