Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Update End of Spring

Hi all,

It looks like Spring is near it's end. But for most, Spring does not really end until the end of June. Where I live, it's starting to get hot. I am thankful though, because the heat did not start in March. Almost every year, temperatures rise to 100 to 115 degrees 8 months out of the year. It's a dry heat. This year was very different!

A lot of people in our city have been praying for rain for about the past year. Our state was going through a severe drought and the lakes that I am near were practically drying up. Our major lake is actually a water source that is sent down to southern California. So, God's people got active and started praying eagerly for rain.

It has rained more at the end of this year and last then I can remember. I can't remember a year where it pretty much rained for 9 months in this town! God blessed us with so much rain that the lakes are full up to the roots of the trees on the banks and the weather has been cool up till now. That's a 3 month difference compared to the other 5 years I have lived here. He is truly amazing!

With that said, we have been meaning to paint our house. But guess what? It's been raining for the past several months, ha ha! Since the weather has warmed up we can paint it now. We are going with an earthy brown, sea sand cream trim and a light green door. I am very excited to see it done! But of course there is some work involved. I'm sure it will be a fun experience with my family and a few friends though. We were thinking about doing it this weekend, but something else is happening this weekend.

My Birthday is next weekend on Sunday. I asked for a Settlers of Catan party, but I don't know if it will happen or not. I think I gotta make Catan cakes for it ha ha. I am trying not to expect anything. I already know I am getting a few gifts, so that makes me happy enough!

My daughter is doing wonderful. She has been sick a little, but she is healing up great. She has been talking a lot more lately and picking up words very quickly. I think she knows about 40 now, maybe more. She is very independent but loves it when my husband or I read to her. She is also starting to use her imagination which I am so happy about. I may not be great at baby games, but I love to play imaginary games with her! Just the other day I found some My Little Pony's of mine stashed away in a box from my childhood and I showed her how to play with them. Each of us had a pony and we were prancing and neighing them all around the wood stove tile. I didn't have brothers or sisters growing up so I still like to play like a kid with kids.

My husband is still practicing as a wood worker. We got him a lot of tools at the beginning of the year to fuel his new found passion for woodworking. It's all a matter of borrowing a truck once in awhile to bring home wood supplies. We haven't really done that yet, so his shop is a little messy. He wants to build a work table along the wall and hang most of his tools with pegboard and 2x4s. I have a feeling that will be happening soon. After that, I think he is going to work on building us a patio cover. I am waiting patiently to have flower beds built and a rose trellis he he.

As for me, I recently was drawn to some donation organizations for crochet. Particularly Mother Bear Project and The Toy Society. Currently I am working on a toy to drop for the toy society. I went over to our local park and found a wonderful place to drop my toys that is super kid friendly! I am currently working on a cute jellyfish that will result in being about 10" long. Soon I plan on making bears too, but I plan to ship them in bulk to save money on cost.

I also really like the movie Avatar and probably have watched it 16 times now! The world really reminds me of visions I have had in the past and makes me feel good when I see it. I was given Avatar the game as an early birthday gift and started playing it yesterday. I have to say if you are a fan of Avatar you will like the game. I like RPGs and play on Xbox 360 and Fable II is one of my favorites. Dragon Age was also good, but I would of loved it more if I wasn't tempted to do bad things in it so much. The level of choice and what you see in the two games are quite different. Dragon Age definitely being for the more mature and strong at heart. I was convicted by God on a portion of it's content when playing, but I learned a lot from Him on why.

Other than playing video games and crocheting on the side (taking care of my daughter and my husband is what I do with 3/4 of my time) I have been more active online lately. I must say it does take up a lot of my free time and I have told myself to try and keep it timed. Why? Because time flies when you are in front of your computer ha ha. Even if I am writing a post, posting pictures, etc. Somehow, I get distracted and before I know it my free time is gone and my daughter is awake from her 2 hour nap. With that said, I should probably end this post he he!

Thanks for reading,

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