Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Blossoms Lineup!

Hey all,

I have been out of touch for the past few weeks and decided to give you an update on my latest work.  My aunt-in-law just opened a salon where she lives and asked family if they wanted to put their stuff in it to sell and I tried my hand and making crochet jewelry. This is what I came up with!

Summer Blossoms Jewelry
By: Heavenly Stuffed

I worked on all of it for about a week in a half. Making time for it was almost pointless, but well worth the effort. I am pretty burnt out from the experience and ready to make amigurumi again, ha ha! But I will make more jewelry soon, just need a break is all. 
Necklace set and four-strand necklace.
So I went to Michael's Craft Supply store and found whatever they had on sale at the moment and decided to work with it. The necklace set with earrings to the left includes a set of beads I found.

The necklace is a simple chain and I strung the beads onto it or crocheted a sc around each end of the rings to continue the chain. There were a lot of ends to hide on this one. The necklace in the right is a pattern I found from  Creative Yarn. I used a flower motif for the focal point.

Motif and ribbon earrings.
Here are some earrings I did. The first two to the left are slips rings, single crocheting over the ring and then using different numbers of picots around it.

The ones to the right are crocheted ribbon earrings, very cool experiment! I love how shiny the ribbon is and it's hard to tell it's actually crochet from the thickness of the ribbon.

Cherry blossom, button and more ribbon earrings.
 From left to right; Cherry blossom motif earrings, button earrings and a pair of ribbon earrings with czech glass beads as accents. I bought the beads from Joann's for $3.99 a tube. They are truly beautiful beads and very shimmery!

Snail shell necklaces made with solomon's knot and metal pendant.
Here are my long shell necklaces with small snail shells and a metal starfish pendant. I learned how to make a Solomon's knot with these and loved out they turned out! The style reminds me of something you would see done with hemp, but the crochet thread feels so much softer against your skin. I plan on using this style a lot!

Crochet headbands.
Since my aunt is running a salon I decided to make some crochet headbands. If you would like to make one for yourself, you can get the pattern from Creative Yarn's blog.

Slip ring earrings.
These were my first crochet jewelry items I sent down with my mom-in-law. I really like the tiered circle earrings and the shell ones are cute too.

I plan on making a similar lineup to sell on Etsy. Please share any of your thoughts and suggestions about what I have made. I haven't sold anything on Etsy yet and am a little hesitant..!

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  1. Hi Rachel this is Robin , been having problems my computer .Your awesome this is so neat & different ,i can't wait ,Teri sold of pair earing for 25 dollars , Im going to go with jewelry ,we have no jewelry stores in Quincy ,once we get the word out should go good .I want to advenualy do buy ,sell,trade ,fix jewelry . talk to you soon I'll let you know every time yourself something .Love Robin you go girl!!!!

  2. Love all the new jewelry I'ts great! cant believe how may peaces you have already made,can't wait till it gets here. Love Ya mom

  3. Wow, these really look fantastic. I loooooove the crochet ribbon earrings! Do you have a pattern for them on your shop or will you ever post one? For some reason I can't see the link to your shop on the side of your blog, that is why I ask ^_^. I need to have a pair asap! /drool

  4. Which ones did you like? The pink ones or the red ones? I could do a few things, one, I could post a pattern, two, I could send you a pair for free because you are such a cool friend ;)

  5. Awh thank you ^_^, but I would feel really horrible making you post them to me! I love the red ones, they are so pretty. I have been trying to think how you made them especially the loop at the bottom of it - how did you hide the end so well? Or is it not the end of the ribbon? If you could post the pattern I would really love it! But I can also understand why you wouldn't want to ^_^.

  6. Hmm, what if I emailed the pattern to you? My email is


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