Monday, July 25, 2011

New Things To Try - Soap Making!

Hey all, I wanted to share with you today that I am trying something new-melt and pour soap making! I have always wanted to try it and my goal is to make green tea and almond oatmeal soaps (two of my favorites!). I tried making some this morning with a kit I bought and some glycerin bricks I bought from Michael's craft supply.

First off, I don't recommend using a kit. The reason why is because the products they give you are cheap and most likely have alcohol in it. I made my first soap bar with the kit I bought and used it to wash my hands and it dried my skin out! This is a sign of alcohol and cheap ingredients. Good thing I used a 40% off coupon on the kit, it was probably only worth that much anyway!

I am waiting for my other soaps to cure at the moment, but, I used olive oil glycerin that I bought separately to make them. I would like to let you know if they dry out your skin too, but I am going to need to wait to tell you. It takes about an hour for the soaps to cure so I have learned.

I poured my first couple of mixes into plastic soap molds I bought from the store. After doing a little research, I found you can use muffin tins, bread loaf tins, deodorant caps, pvc pipes, the works! Here is a link I found to a forum with good ideas for this:

Thanks for reading today!

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