Friday, August 19, 2011

Reuse Your Greeting Cards

Hello all,

If you are anything like me, you most likely have a stack or even a drawer full of greeting cards friends and loved ones have given you for your birthday, holidays and other occasions over the years. It is hard to part with them isn't it? Well, I have an idea for you!

Instead of throwing your cards out, why not make yourself some bookmarks out of them? You can cut out the message on the front, the picture or anything that you like most about the card in a rectangle shape for a bookmark. You can also glue the message they wrote you to the back of your bookmark and date it to remember what they said to you.

You can fancy the bookmark up by hole-punching a hole at the top center away from the free edge, then, looping a ribbon or yarn through for a tassel! You'll never run out of bookmarks this way and if you make some that are not personal to you, you can even give them away to the people you love.

Say goodbye to clutter and yes to a beautiful supply of bookmarks!

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