Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Maya and her puppy!

Maya and her puppy are two cute amigurumi crochet dogs that are ready for a home!

Maya was named after two of my dear friends Patrick and Ness' dog Maya. The two of them are looking forward to a beautiful baby boy this month in November! My husband and I have known them for years now and love them very much.

I made Maya and her puppy with all natural cotton and wool yarn. This makes a difference if your little one will be sucking on the toys, you wont have to worry about anything 'un-natural' like acrylic. I also used plastic eyes with safety backing in case of prying fingers... The pattern came from Ana Paula Rimoli's book, 'Amigurumi World'. They are filled with fiber stuffing and made with lots of love and joy.

If you are interested in seeing them in the shop you can go here to see them:

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**Heavenly Stuffed**

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