Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Warm Walk

After eating breakfast Kira and I went for a walk and I carried her in our Bjorn harness. She loves riding in it! She kicks her feet with excitement whenever she see's me put it on, because she knows she gets to ride around with mommy... The weather says it's 53 degrees outside but it feels a bit warmer in the sun. We walked around the apartment complex and Kira held on to the keys like she always does. I think she loves to feel like she is responsible for something on our walks. On our way home I walked in a bunch of leaves to show her how they crunch beneath your feet.
Now she is taking her morning nap and I am about to start a new crochet project... A moogle from the Final Fantasy video games! I have always loved those little critters and love how they say, "Kupo!" For this project I am going to attempt writing down the pattern as I go. I'll most likely sell it on my Etsy store if it turns out well. If not then I'll spend some time improving it.
I am listening to an album called 'Dream' by Josh Albillo which is so beautiful and peaceful. It has a soft rock sound with piano, vocals, bass and guitar. It is very uplifting and has been making me feel very good all morning. Whenever I create crochet toys I always like to make sure I am at peace and happy before I start. I believe it makes a difference for the person who gets it.
Thanks again for stopping by and have a fuzzy warm day.

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