Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crochet Plans & A Good Lesson Learned

I have a plan to make a bunch of little Easter crochet amigurumi toys for my etsy store and have been working on a two-toned bunny. I also want to make a v-day giraffe for Kira, a gift for a friends baby and Mothers Day gifts.

I was thinking about doing about 12 different little Easter toys to post on my etsy store. I looked up this years spring colors that are in style to base my color designs on them. They are mostly warm tones with a few cool tones, but definitely colors with grey mixed in them. Tones are my favorite!

When I was in the grocery store with my daughter they had cute little Valentines Day stuffed animals in the floral section of the store. She particularly liked a giraffe that had hearts at the top of it's horns. The tail and mane was made of the generic fiber that is stringy and she quickly learned how to start pulling it out. Not a great toy for kids her age. I decided I am going to make her a crochet one that will be more durable.

After I am done with my first Easter toy for my store I am going to work on a toy for my friend's child. His birthday party is on February 7th so I still have about a week and a half to go. I plan on making him Ana Paula Rimoli's airplane using her pattern from

If you haven't heard of her, here is her etsy store Seriously Cute Crochet.

I don't really know what he likes but generally boys like machines and airplanes are definitely great! Instead of making it red I am going to make it blue. I still have to buy 15mm safety back eyes from the craft store, but I have the rest of the materials. It would probably be cute to embroider his name on the side of the plane. His own personal jet hehe!

As for the Mothers Day gifts, I was thinking about making bookmarks, wash clothes and maybe pillows... What I have learned is to keep crochet that you are going to sell simple and small so you can make more faster. I actually find it more rewarding because I am passionate about creating things and finishing them more than I am about the work involved to get to that point, but I think it is fun nonetheless.

As for being a mom, I recently learned the lesson of clinging to God in times of trouble. It was difficult, but a much needed lesson to learn indeed! I am so happy and thankful He had me learn it. It was concerning my daughters health and I don't think anything is as tough as being concerned about your baby's health and life. But God was there with me the entire time. I learned how to go to Him even though I didn't feel like it. I also learned that clinging to Him in a dire times is a matter of your will and not based on your feelings.  Through the entire process He did things in my daily life that fueled my faith in him. He gave me a dream of my daughter as a toddler which gave me Hope. I spoke to him asking him what I should do when I was at a low point in the situation and he told me to listen to a sermon, which was about clinging to him and it boosted my faith. And towards the end at my moms group we had quiet time with music to soak in His presence and He showed me visions of being with Him and the Holy Spirit which made me feel loved and love Him back. Hope, Faith and Love. This is how a relationship with God works.

If you are interested in awesome Bible study, I highly recommend Pastor Britt Merrick. You can get podcasts from the Church's site and download archived ones to go through entire books verse by verse. Here is the link to the archive:
Reality Messages and here is a link to their site

Thanks for reading!

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