Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Time

It's summer time everyone. The weather is gradually getting up to it's hottest, 110 degrees, but for now it has been in the 90s. I am so thankful for it too! The month of June is a busy one for my family. Let me tell you about it.

My birthday, Father's day and my wedding anniversary are all this month! I had a fantastic birthday. My husband put on a Settlers of Catan party for me with some of my closest friends and my parents came a few days earlier and spent time with us. My husband and I went out and tried aqua golf, my first time, and it was really fun!
The next weekend we planned on painting our house. We prepped and worked 14 hours on Saturday and nearly finished all the prep work. We were exhausted! I got a sunburn on my shoulders, but thankfully it didn't blister. We have been working on prepping the house in short bursts throughout the week now. Today is actually my husbands and I third wedding anniversary! If we can find a babysitter, we might go see a movie. What I really want to do is go visit the place we said our vows with some drinks from Starbucks. I found him a leather gift finally, took me awhile and I was getting anxious as the day drew near. We only have one car at the moment so it is hard finding time to get out of the house. But, I found something for him at the Christian book shop. 

On to crocheting. I have been working on miscellaneous projects over the past month and really spreading myself too thin. I made a tote out of Crochet Today magazine and was not pleased with it. I'll have to figure out something to do with it later on. It is so heavy I don't think I could carry it around as a purse or tote, ha ha! I have not finished my motif table top either. I got bored with making the same motif 5 or 6 times for each shape. Also, I got an awesome crochet motif book for my birthday that has examples of using different colors in the motifs. Now I am bummed out that I didn't use that idea when I am a third way through the project. So now the project is being neglected and I have moved on for the moment.

I did start making a Hello Kitty toy though which should be done very quickly. I also started on a Mother Bear project which I am the most happy with. I think the source of my uninspiration has been from not spending much time with God and focusing on selling my stuff rather than giving it. 

Well that is all I can say for now, but I hope I can write another post soon.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Awh! Happy Birthday! You have to tell me what aqua golf is, sounds fun/strange. Can't wait to see your new projects!

  2. Thanks Liz! Aqua golf places are set up to where you can hit golf balls out into the water. It's actually pretty fun! I almost hit a duck, poor thing! It was kinda funny though. I am almost done with my bear for the Mother Bear project. I will post pictures for sure!

  3. Ah poor duck! That does sound like a lot of fun though. My boyfriend and I were thinking of going mini-golfing soon. I think I will tell him about this ^_^

  4. Whoa.

    Your husband throws Settlers parties? And you go by "Rae"? Are you my long lost twin? Or some bizarro version of me from an alternate universe? Or maybe I am a bizarro version of you...?

    Either way, I am super psyched to meet another amigurumi/anime/Catan loving geek out there! ^-^ I look forward to seeing your future projects!


  5. @Rei Wow.

    Not only that, but my husband is half filipino o.o!


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