Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Relaxin

Hi all,

I figured it was about that time again to write a post! It's been about a week now and I want to stay current with you all. I was getting very focused and consumed with making my crochet jewelry and decided I needed to step back and control myself... Ha ha! I just don't want my mind to be ruled by it or making money, that is the last thing I want! Making crochet items for people to buy is about sharing my talent and love for the work, not making money off of it. Making the money is about supporting the passion, not profiting off of it.

GuildWars Factions AsesinoImage by Oscar J. Baeza via Flickr

So in order to take my mind off of making stuff I started playing Guild Wars again. It's an online multi-player role playing game. I have almost all the expansions for it, two, and I hadn't beat them yet! It's been five years since I have owned the game so I figured, "Hey, why not?" Only I think it might have had an adverse effect on the whole idea of 'not being addicted to something' like I was talking about with selling the crochet stuff.

So I'm somewhat at a standstill, but not being too hard on myself about it! I have been playing for about a week now and am having a great time doing it. I was invited to a guild, made an officer and met a really cool lady originally from Chico that I like to talk to over xfire (an online voice chat program). So the pros to this are that I am finally getting contact with people again, which has been awhile I might add that I haven't and it's good to be exposed to the world again (even if it's a bunch of gamers, lol!).

In this picture is my main character, Gunnr Uhh Valkyrie, beneath a cool dragon ally. I beat the expansion factions a few days ago and now I am working on the expansion Nightfall in order to get some really cool elite armor. Here is a link to what it looks like: Warrior_Primeval_armor_f.jpg.

So in that sense it is a good thing to be playing online again. Nonetheless, I have been working on a few things. I am working on handmade postcards actually. I am using my printer and printing out the letter information on one side and then taking old children's book pages and pasting them to the front. They are super cute! I also made my mom some earrings and a Solomon's chain necklace. She really liked those!
Two german shepherdsImage by Damian Synnott via Flickr

As for other things, well, I will be babysitting my parents dog King, a large german shepherd, for a week in my backyard. I am going to set him up an oasis to stay out of the heat. Hopefully it works out alright! I know my daughter Kira will love the fact that he will be with us. She loves dogs and likes to, "woof woof" at them!

So I am on a small hiatus from crocheting at the moment. Thanks for reading today!
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