Friday, August 13, 2010

Full Metal Panic!

Sousuke doing stupid thingI wanted to share with you all the anime I am currently watching on It's called Full Metal Panic! When I was in high school I bought a manga issue and thought it was hilarious! I also became attached to the main heroine, Kaname Chidori (first name is Chidori).

She is a character that can bring a man to their knees with her beauty but also with her a punch to the face. In all the anime I have seen, a character type like hers is seldom. Period.

The stereotypically heroine is the girl everyone wants, but, defenseless in order for the main hero to save her and capture her heart. Why does this not appeal to me? Well, probably because I feel like I do not express my true feelings in situations that bother me, like Chidori. Thus, I like her character because she is something I desire to be like.

Sousuke SagaraImage via Wikipedia
Sousuke Sagara

Granted, if I was anything like Chidori my husband and I would undoubtedly get into lots of arguments ha ha! Because he is not like the main hero, Sagara Sousuke. I don't think I have met any man that is quite like Sousuke and I mean that in a bad way. Lol!

Mobile Suit Gundam WingImage via Wikipedia
Heero Yui

Think of a man that was raised in the military without any contact with civilization and makes his job priority over feelings and his age. But, I can think of another character like him, only with a stone heart... Heero Yui from Gundam Wing! Thank goodness Chidori is not like Relena Peacecraft... That was just, complicated.

Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on the anime and that's all. Thanks for reading about it!
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