Friday, August 6, 2010

Jellyfish, My First Toy Drop

Jellyfish in the sea.
 Hi all! I wanted to share with you my first Toy Society drop.  It's a jellyfish I made awhile back and I decided I would drop it today. My daughter and I went to the local park to find a place for it.

It was super hot outside when we did go, so I didn't have time to drop my other toy. But we found a place for this jellyfish on a shady tree in the park. As we were walking away, a young boy riding his bike spotted it. I don't think he decided to go look at it though. I am really curious on how this drop will turn out!

I glued the tag to a page from an old kids book I bought at a library sale and made an envelope for the note out of another page. It looks super cute and I finished them in minutes. It really doesn't take a lot of time which is nice.

On my way back I remembered I forgot to sign the note I made for the other jellyfish. So I didn't drop it yet. Perhaps I will this weekend. I'm trying to think of a good place to drop it. Maybe Kids Kingdom? Either way, I will blog about it.

If you are interested in making toys for your community check out The Toy Society and become a member. It's really fun!

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  1. Ah! The jellyfish is so cute! Whoever gets it will be a very lucky little kid!

  2. Aw thanks Liz! I drove by the drop area the other day and it was gone, hurray!


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