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Happy New Year! Arrange Your Schedules.

Oh it has been too long since my last post... Happy New Year everyone! My schedule is usually swamped at the end of the year due to the holidays and birthdays. Therefore, I have come to the complete realization that a schedule and plan is a good thing to work on. Today I am going to share with you a few ideas to help you out.

If you are a stay at home mom, you may feel like you are babysitting your kid 24/7 depending on the age of your kids. My daughter just turned two and I can tell you I have felt that way without a moments rest during the day. If you do not have down time to yourself, it's time to arrange some. Keeping yourself sane keeps you a good mommy! If your child does not take naps, it is time to introduce 'room time'. All kids need to learn independent play at some point in their lives and early is good. Put them in a safe toddler/child proof room. If they aren't use to this start out by setting a timer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes go play with them for a few minutes and then reset the timer for another 20 minutes.
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While they are playing, this is when you take time for yourself. I suggest deciding what you want to do with this time the night before. If you decide on doing anything specific to getting done, I also suggest no facebook, surfing the web, checking email and definitely turn your phone off if you can. These can be huge distractions and before you know it, DING, 20 minutes is up!

Another great idea is to find a gym with daycare. Even if they limit two hours a day to watching your kids, think about it in terms of paying a babysitter. If your gym membership is $55 for both you and your spouse a month and you can have your kids watched two hours a day six days a week... It would cost you more to pay for a babysitter. Also, when you work out endorphins are released in your body which reduce stress. The less stressed out you are, the better you can think and spend time with your kids.

Getting the chores done. Well, this can be tricky but there is a trick I can provide you. Show your child how to help you out. You'll be amazed at how much they want to help you put clothes in the dryer, help put silverware away from the dish washer, vacuum even! It may take a little longer to have them help you, but it's much better than trying to get the chore done and them making a mess somewhere else. Plus this counts as quality time and is a good skill builder for them.
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And lastly, if you have dreams that you want to live out, don't give up on them. Find ways to work towards them. Depending on how big your dreams and or goals are, build towards them in little steps. Try to think of ways you can spend your free time moving forward with your dreams rather than putting them off. You are a parent, but that doesn't mean you don't have a life to live of your own. When you work towards your dreams and goals you are happier with life and those around you. When you put them off or give them up, resentment and a slew of other negative things rule your thinking and effect those around you.

I know that all of you aren't parents, but to those who are I hope this helps. If you aren't a parent at the moment my suggestion to you would be to travel, be independent and have fun doing what you love. When you are taking care of kids that slows down and you get to enjoy these things in small doses compared to when you are single. But, the rewards of having children are like a whole new experience to that of being single and raising them is a feeling that most cannot describe. But if I were to put it in words I would say it's a feeling of fulfillment.

Thanks for reading and I plan on telling you all about my current works soon! Now if I could just schedule blog posting this wouldn't be so hard for me! Take care.
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