Monday, January 23, 2012

Update Your Furniture

Hello all!

Here is a little DIY tip for updating your furniture, use contact paper to cut out decals or place over drawers and in the back of your bookshelf cases. I have seen it on the internet and in magazines and it is such a good idea if you are looking for any  kind of specific look. I particularly like the modern look. Here are some ideas for you....

Make old wood or laminate furniture look visually appealing with this idea.

Make matching pictures of sillouettes with this idea.

You can find contact paper at places like Target (they have a few cute patterned ones), Lowes, Home Depot and possibly Walmart (I don't know if they have any cute ones, but white always works!). Contact paper is usually under $10 a roll depending on design and texture. You want the contact paper that has adhesive on one side. Most rolls are 16-24 feet long.

Depending on what design you are going to do you may need all or a few or these supplies:

Must haves:

  • Contact Paper
  • Surface to apply paper
  • Something to cut with
  • self-healing mat
  • Xacto Knife for detailed designs
  • Scissors for simple designs
  • Reference pictures
  • Pen
My suggestion would be to print out your picture and glue it to the back of your contact paper. Then, cut it out with an xacto knife. Or, you can use carbon paper to directly transfer a picture by placing it between the contact paper and your picture (you might have printed it out or had it on hand). Simply trace over your picture and the carbon paper will transfer a line onto the contact paper.

Another thing you can use is cookie cutters to trace around or various shapes around the house. Just use your imagination! I'm sure you can use leaves from outside too. How fun would that be!

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to update your furniture and make your homes cozier or more modern! Enjoy yourselves.

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