Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birds, Van Halen, Kitties

Yesterday was an ordinary day with some quirky highlights. I watched some birds outside in our backyard, Eric brought home a game we received in the mail free for the xbox and my cats keep waking me up early in the morning.

It was yesterday morning and after feeding Kira I felt the urge to look out our back window. In the tree there was a little bird flitting about and I realized why. I had put an unused planter securely in the branches with cut up old yarn I couldn't use and the bird was checking it out! He didn't fly away with any of it yet, but he played with it in his mouth. This made me very happy and I decided instead of throwing scrap yarn away I would give it to the birds from now on.

After Eric came home he brought home a game we got for free in the mail, Van Halen Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360. After we all ate dinner, we put it on and tried it out... We liked it better than the other Guitar Hero games because it was more nostalgic music for us. We played Van Halen songs, Foreigner, and Billy Idol. That's all we had time for then it was time for me and Kira to go to church. She goes to children's church and I go to my mom's group every other Wednesday night. There are about 20 of us gals and I absolutely love everything about the group!

So for the past few nights the 'kitties' have been up to no good in the wee hours of the night making noise. I started packing a lot of boxes and pulling things out because we are moving soon, so I left some things in the hallway. Not really thinking about it, I left a bag of gift paper on the floor wide open for attack. The cats have been batting at it in the night and in the mornings to wake us up to be fed. It wasn't until today I was annoyed enough to put it back in the closet, but I left a few pieces out for them to play with during the day. That pretty much sums up my day yesterday.

Thanks for reading.

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