Friday, August 13, 2010

Digital Art Anime/Manga Style

I have been thinking about drawing again lately in contrast to my excessive crocheting. Originally I had a talent in art and in the pursuit of it I still haven't found something I could use it for in a passionate sense, like my crocheting. But, I found these digital pieces I created over a year ago and got a taste of inspiration to try again.

Entertaining an Angel
My first digital painting was done in photoshop with a wacom tablet. I bought a couple of books on how to watercolor angels and stuff and came up with this design. An angel being entertained by a human in love with God. The idea is based on someone believing in a God that isn't seen, when angels know he exists and are fascinated with this faith in the unseen and it's power.

The angel featured in this work was based on the colors and feathers of love birds. I really had fun with the chartreuse dress. As for the young man, the stained glass around his head is a representation of a saint. Somewhat like the famous stained glass religious scenes seen in catholic churches. But rather than only around the disciples heads, I felt it could be shared for any disciple of the Lord.

Looking at the piece now I see I need to work on my texturing and shadows a bit more. It is my weak point. But I was happy with the painting of colors and what not on the figures.

Unicorn Rider
Here is my second piece I worked on directly after the first. I love unicorns and tried my hand at drawing one for this piece. The butterfly winged lady is also stemmed from a vision I have had in the past. She isn't quite like a fairy, but rather a humanoid type with wings and elf ears. I lacked the skills to create a background and extremely altered a picture I found. Again, filling in backgrounds is not another one of my strong points yet and no I don't look forward to figuring it out, ha ha.

So if you have any suggestions on what I could do with my art I would love to hear them. I am concerned that if I stop practicing it's going to be left behind in my past, which I definitely do not want to happen. Granted all my art classes and studying has helped me with my crocheting, I would really hate for it not to be used on creating art itself.

I am glad I could share this with you all and I thank you for your support.


  1. ...Wow! I totally missed this post in my blogroll (or whatever you call it). The top picture is fantastic (and the butterfly one as well), I am a bit angel crazy so I love it. What program did you use?

    My suggestion - ;)

  2. I used Adobe Photoshop with a wacom tablet :D Thank you so much for commenting on it. How have you been?

  3. I've been well. Oh! It reminds me I need to send you the wonky pic of the earrings I made. They are totally skewed because I used huge ribbon when I should have used the size you recomended *facepalm*. Any way, the pics are good for a laugh, I will email them :P.


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